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Mindsight: A Conceptual System to Implement Innovation in Thinking and Communication.

We see with our eyes but understand with our minds. The mind is an incredible information processing system that is capable of making quantum leaps and achieving great accomplishments.

Mindsight was conceived as conceptual system to raise our operating intelligence beyond the fixed notions that limit our mental potential and keep us in the same routine of thinking. It discusses this problem and proposes a design system of thinking that involves a series of skills and strategies to improve the quality of our thinking as identified in the CORT thinking skills program developed by Dr. Edward de Bono. Furthermore, it offers a unique methodology of communication to supplement language through the use of graphic representations that transcend and transform our understanding of information.

Mindsight was written to create increased awareness of the skills and abilities required to meet the challenges in the new millennium. We live and work in a new creative economy where creativity and innovation are in great demand. We need to understand how to develop our minds to meet the challenges in this new age. We need to upgrade our system of education that tends to have downward pressure on young minds that are seeking new ways of understanding and operacy. Mass media bombardment is not the solution.

Mindsight attempts to create a renewed interest in the use of both imagination and observation as these are important prerequisites for raising the level of understanding of the intelligent design of the physical world around us. Albert Einstein and Leonardo da Vinci stressed the importance of these skills in order to discover what was not obvious in our normal perception of things.

Mindsight creates a web of understanding about perception in thinking and the potential applications in this new information age. The new paradigm in which we live requires new ideas, new attitudes, and new values. We have been dependent upon our minds in our continued evolution. We continue to underestimate its power and potential in this high-tech society which we have created. We realize we have to make some readjustment in order to ensure our survival.

Discover Design Pattern Thinking: Applying New Design Techniques to Improve our Mental Operacy

“Children use their fascination, wonder, curiosity in an attempt
to make sense out of words, actions, objects.”
– David Shenk

The goal of publishing Discover Design Pattern Thinking is to develop an understanding of design patterns and how recognizing new patterns can raise our operating intelligence. My intent is to provide a series of concepts and skills that can facilitate our understanding of how the design skills can generate new insights and ideas. This capability will allow for a better articulation of what we understand and what we want to communicate.

REINVENTING AMERICAN EDUCATION: Applying Innovative and Quality Thinking to Solving Problems in Education

“Thinking skill in unquestionably the fundamental human resource. We need to do much more about developing this skill, because the complexity of modern life demands more than routine reactions. There is an even bigger need for productive, constructive and generative thinking.”

“I hope that everyone concerned with the future direction of education will pay attention to these important matters which you raise in this book.”

– Edward de Bono

Discover Bio-Design Thinking: Adopting Visual Images to Transform our Information Processing Abilities

Discover Bio-Design Thinking offers an alternative method of thinking that provokes the mind to focus on the processes behind the ‘intelligent design’ in nature in order to incorporate new visual designs with which to generate new creative ideas and insights.

The ideas presented in the chapters attempt to bring clarity and relevancy to what is involved in developing processing skills related to ‘Bio-Design Thinking’. They include rethinking mental operacy, questioning current education model, applying nature’s visual designs to recognize new information patterns, understanding importance of visualized thinking methods, significance of metacognitive thinking, etc.

The Unknown Genius Creative Abilities of Leonardo Da Vinci

This publication was written in the belief that Leonardo’s study of his natural surroundings, his advanced perceptual skills and his continued interest in learning, all played a significant role in developing his creativity. He challenged established mindsets with the conviction that all earthly things are connected. He spent years observing nature’s secrets ,documenting his observations and the creative thinking that resulted. While much has been written about Leonardo’s incredible scientific discoveries, his futuristic inventions and his great works of art, we fail to realize that Leonardo da Vinci developed incredible creative thinking that needs to be understood and applied in this new creative paradigm where creative ideas are the currency of the future.