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Dr. Rudy A. Magnan, author, researcher in cognitive psychology and education consultant has conducted seminars and workshops in the United States, Western Europe, and Japan. An expert in skill training in the area of creativity, innovation, thinking, and cognitive teaching strategies. Dr. Magnan’s ideas are provocative and they emphasize the importance of design thinking. His analysis and proposals offer a fresh insight into how we can solve our problems in education as well in the workplace.

Dr. Magnan received special training in the teaching of thinking as a deliberate skill in his collaboration with Dr. Edward de Bono, the internationally renowned leader in the area of creativity and design thinking. This included the Cort Thinking Skills program, the Six Thinking Hats, and Lateral Thinking Techniques. He has also been involved in corporate training programs designed to improve communication and performance in many American companies.

An adjunct assistant professor at Adelphi University in 1978, Dr. Magnan was instrumental in bringing college credit course in the social sciences to high schools. He has also introduced the Cort Thinking Skills Program of Dr. de Bono into schools in Italy where he has also written a series of articles in creativity and innovation for a leading Italian newspaper.